Research Topics

One of main purpose of our studies is development of "novel techniques of measurements and analysis" and "apparatuses such as a electron microscope based on novel concept". In addition, these developed apparatuses and techniques are applied to studies of characterization of phenomena at the surface and interface in an atomic scale. Recently, we are trying to figure out the phenomena occuring in a biological specimen, e.g., biological cell, DNA, chemical reactions like a catalysis, nano devices, etc. These are characteristic studies for "Department of Material and Life Science", where one of purpose is the integration of the biology, chemistry and physics.

Our research also involve the theoretical study of a design of the new apparatus and the expectation and understanding of the experimental results. The combination of the experimental and theoretical studies leads us to more comprehensive understanding of the phenomena.

The research topic under investigation in our laboratory consists of the following six groups.

  • Development of bio electron microscope and its application
  • Development of super electron microscope and its application
  • Structural analysis of surface and interfae using electron microscope
  • Development of novel electron microscopes and apparatuses
  • Surface and interface physics
  • Theoretical physics
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