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  • Structural Analysis of Magnetic Skirmions using Multiple Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscope Images
    Shigaku Nakane
  • Development of Phase Electron Microscope System
    Yuta Hirabayashi


  • Specimen Height Measurement at an Atomic Scale by Three Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method
    Masayuki Inamori
  • Development of High Speed Electron Blunking System for Dynamic Observation at an Atomic Scale
    Yukari Watanabe


  • Development of Modulation Transmission Electron Microscope System for High Resolution In-situ Observation
    Takahiro Tamura


  • Developement of an Auto Focussing System for TEM using Diffractgram Pattern Fitting
    Ryouhei Matsunaga


  • Stacknig structure analysis and quantitative evaluation of radiation damage in Halloysite by transmission electron microscopy with a minimal dose system
    Kiyofumi Mori


  • Computer simulation on visualization of hydrogen atom columns by annular bright-field scanning transmission electron microscopy
    Nobukazu Iseki


  • Studies on Structural Determination of Molybdenum Oxides Encapsulated inside CNTs and Thier Encapsulation Process
    Wataru Togashi
  • High Resolution Wave Field Reconstruction using Three-Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method Applied to Tilted Illumination
    Fumiya Nakatani
  • Changes in Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Yield of MgO Film Induced by Adsorption of H2O and CO2
    Yuko Murasawa


  • Development of Low Dose Imaging System for TEM with High Pixel Count Direct Electron Detection Type CCD
    Hiroshi Kizawa
  • Study on Aberration-Free Transmission Electron Microscopy using Dynamic Hollow-Cone Illumination
    Kohei Kitade
  • Study on Molybdenum Oxide Encapsulated inside Carbon Nanotubes using Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Ryusuke Sagawa


  • "Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron-Excited X-ray Emission with Coster-Kronigh Transition"
    Shin-ichi Sato
  • "Transmission Electron Microscope Observation and Electron Radiation Curing Phenomena of Ionic Liquids"
    Hirofumi Fujii
  • "In-Situ TEM Observation of Graphite Formation using Cobarlt Oxide Nanocrystals"
    Takanori Yahiro
  • "Measurement of Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Yield of MgO Thin Films by Pulsed-Ion Irradiation"
    Ikuma Yamauchi


  • "Measurement of Surface Potential of MgO Thin Film by Ion Scattering Spectroscopy"
    Takeshi Kuwayama
  • "Observation of Transmission Electron Microscope Image using Direct Electron Detection Type Charge Coupled Device"
    Yuji Kojima
  • "Electron-Induced Damage of SiO2 Surface in Oxygen Atmosphere"
    Hiraku Nakamura
  • "Averration-Free Transmission Electron Microscopy using Dynamic Hollow-Cone Illumination"
    Hiromasa Yoshimori


  • "Dependence of Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Yield of MgO Thin Film on Film Thickness"
    Hajime Inazumi
  • "Extended Functions of Three-Dimentional Fourier Filtering Method in Transmission Electron Microscopy and Their Applications"
    Toshiyuki Tsuji
  • "Development of A Low Vibration Cold Specimen Holder and A Study on The Reduction of Electron Irradiation Damage"
    Toshihiro Yanai


  • "Atomic Level in-situ Observation of Graphite Formation using Oside Iron Particle"
    Thoshiki Kida
  • "Phase Transition on Sc-O/W(100) Surface at High Temperature induced by the Difussion and Segragation of Sc-O Complexes"
    Yousuke Nakanishi
  • "Study on Single Electron Detection with Charge Coupled Device for Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Souko Fukahori


  • "Observation of Single Atom Using Aberration-Free Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Hidekazu Chikada
  • "Development of High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope System for Observation of Biological Sample"
    Tsunenori Nomaguchi
  • "Dependence of Depth Resolution on Primary Energy of Ions in Sputter Depth Profiling"
    Takuya Bungo


  • "Study on Si/Si Thermal Oxide Interface Structure Using A SUper Resolution Phase Electron Microscopy"
    Masaki Taya
  • "Nanoscale Structure Analysis of High-k HfSiO Film by Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Naoto Tokita
  • "Study of Electron Irradiation Damage in Electron Microscope"
    Misa Hayashida
  • "Derivation of Empirical Formula for L-Shell Ionization Cross Section by Monte Carlo Simulation"
    Takaaki Hibi
  • "Aberration-Free Phase Image of DNA Observed by Three-Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method"
    Shuhie Matsushita


  • "Removal of Focused Ion Beam Induced Damaged Layer by Low Energy Ion Irradiation"
    Junpeo Kato
  • "Spherical Aberration-Free Phase Observation of Si/SiO2 Interface"
    Hiroyuki Kutsubo
  • "Study on Luminescence Properties of Porous Silicon Using Cathodoluminescence Scanning Electron Microscope"
    Tatsuya Kojima
  • "Development of Real-Time Elemental Mapping System Using Floating Type Imaging Energy Filter"
    Yusuke Shimazaki
  • "High Resolution Observsation of DNA by A Super Resolution Phase Electron Microscope"
    Koji Takenouchi
  • "Development of Waveform measurement System for Coincidence Detection"
    Kenichi Nishinaka


  • "Study on Surface Fabricated by Low Energy Ion Beam using Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Keigo Iwamoto
  • "Study on Domain Structure of CoSi2 Thin Film using Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Takumi Ohtomo
  • "Monte Carlo Simulation of X-Ray Generation by Electron Impact"
    Tomokazu Shimada
  • "Characterisation of Sc-O/W(100) Surface as A Schottky Emitter at High Temperatures"
    Takuji Tsujita
  • "in situ Observation of Si(100) Surface at High Temperatures by Transmission and Reflection Electron Microscope
    Yukako Higashi
  • "Development of Defocus Image Moduration Processing Electron Microscopy System by Using Slow Scan CCD Camera"
    Ko Yamura


  • "Development of novel TEM system for observation of biological specimen using enviromental cell"
    Shinpei Hori
  • "Study on Secondary Electron Emission from Semicondoctor and Insulator Surface under Electron Beam Irradiation"
    Yuzuru Mizuhara
  • "Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Trajectory under Low Vacuum Condition"
    Takeshi Yoshida
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