Undergraduate Thesises


  • Study on Automatic Adjustment of Illumination Angle of Electron Beam in Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Reiya Kaji


  • Precise Measurement of Specimen Hight using Phase Contrast Transfer Property
    Chinatsu Sakuraba
  • Wavefield Reconstruction of Sub Nanometer Sized Clusters suported on a Single Layer Graphen
    Sou Nagashima


  • Development of an Atomic Scale Visualization Technique of Specimen Structural Changes using Real Time Wavefield Reconstructed Images
    Atsumu Toyoshima


  • Study on Electron Radiation Damage of Cu-Phthalocyanine Thin Crystalline Film
    Yushi Toyokura
  • Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy using Ptychography Method
    Yuta Hirabayashi


  • Precise Measurement of Specimen Height by 3 Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method
    Masayuki Inamori
  • Basic Study on Aberration-free Imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Yukari Watanabe


  • Acquisition of Three Dimensional Structure Information by 3D Fourier Filtering Method
    Masahide Suesada
  • High Resolution In-situ TEM Observation of Graphene Growth Catalyzed by Cobalt Nanoparticles
    Takahiro Tamura


  • Correlation between Interface Position and Non-symmetry of sputter depth profile
    Yukinori Nakane
  • Study on Quantum Efficiency of CCD Imaging Device for Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Shougo Fujima


  • Change in Ion-Indueced Secondary Electron Yield of MgO by Oxygen Adsorption
    Hirohito Koide
  • Observation of Co Nano-Clusters on Graphene by Wave Field Reconstruction
    Hiroyuki Saito
  • High-Resolution TEM Observation of Halloysite using Minimum-Dose System
    Kiyofumi Mori


  • Variation in Cathodeluminescence and Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Yield of MgO Film by Specimen Heating
    Zjargal Jargalsaikhan
  • Aberration-Free TEM Observation of Cobarlt Nano Particles during Graphite Formation
    Takashi Sakurada


  • "Development of Measurement System of Electron Emission Properties of Sc-O/W(100) Emitter"
    Kiyomasa Nagata


  • "Dependence of Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Yield of Metal Oxide Films on Film Thickness"
    Taku Kawabata


  • "Study on Coincidence Detection by using Silicon Drift Detector"
    Hiroshi Kizawa
  • "Atomic Level In-Situ Observation of Formation of Graphene Sheet by using Oxide Cobalt Particle"
    Takahiro Yahiro
  • "Development of Fast Electron Blanker in Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Ikuma Yamauchi


  • "Effects of Carbon Contaminants on Electron-Induced Damage of SiO2"
    Takeshi Kuwayama
  • "Study on Improvement of Spatial Resolution by using Hollow-cone Illumination in Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Masahiro Yoshimori


  • "Temperature Dependence of Composition of Outermost Surface of Sc-O/W(100) Surface"
    Hajime Inazumi
  • "Removal of Focused Ion Beam-Induced Damaged Layer by Sequential Irradiation of Low Energy Ions"
    Kazuhisa Shiraishi
  • "Investigation of Electron-Induced Damage of polystyrene Latex by Transimision Electron Microscope"
    Toshihiro Yanai


  • "Study on Precision of X-ray Detection Timing of Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)"
    Toshiki Kida
  • "Surface Characterization of Sc-O/W(100) System as Schottky Emitter"
    Yousuke Nakanishi
  • "Ion-Induced Secondary Electron Emission from MgO Thin Film"
    Katsuhiro Nakayama
  • "Study on Direct Detection of Electron by Charge Cpupled Device"
    Souko Fukahori


  • "Correction of Image Shift in Floating Type Imaging Energy Filter"
    Hidekazu Chikada
  • "Deconvolution of Liner and Nonlinear Component of Transmission Electron Microscope Image"
    Tunenori Nomaguchi
  • "Modification of MRI Model in Sputter Depth Profiling"
    Takuya Bungo


  • "Study on Three-Dimensional Image Intensity Distribution in Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Masaki Taya
  • "Study on Voltage Moduration in Floating-Type Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Naoto Tokita
  • "Study on Acuracy of X-Ray Detection System"
    Misaki Hayashida
  • "Measurement of Amplification of Secondary Electron in Enviromental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)"
    Taka-aki Hibi


  • "Study on Luminessence from Porus Silicon using Cathod Luminessence Scanning Electron Microscope"
    Tastuya Kojima
  • "Study on Real-Time EELS using Floating-Type Energy Filter"
    Yusuke Shimazaki
  • "Development of Sealing Film of Enviromental Cell for Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Suguru Toyonaga
  • "Study on Accuracy of X-Ray Detection using Si(Li) Detector"
    Ken-ich Nishinaka


  • "Deposition of Tungsten in Local Region using Focused Ion Beam"
    Keigo Iwamoto
  • "Atomic Level Observation of Interface of Ge/CoSi2/Si using Transmission Electron Microscope"
    Takumi Ohtomo
  • "Quantitative Investigation of Monte Carlo Simulation of X-ray Generation under Electron Beam Bombardment"
    Tomokazu Shimada
  • "Coincidence Electron Microscope Observation using Gammma-Type Energy Filter"
    Yukako Higashi
  • "Cross-Sectional TEM Observation of SiO2 Thin Film using Defocus Modulation Method"
    Ko Yamura
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